Ammolite is formed from a 70 million years old ancient marine fossil named ammonite.

Ammolite is a blessed gift from nature. Based on myths and tales around the world, Ammolite distributes positive energy and brings good fortune and luck.

The supply of Ammolite is extremely limited with one area for mining and it is difficult to search the valuable gemstone. Thus, the high grade Ammolites are demanding around the world.

Restricted by the law, fossils cannot be damaged during excavation process. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to explore valuable Ammolite.

  • step 1 – Mining

    A machine operator along with spotters are continuously watching and sorting Ammolite. Hoping to catch a glimmer of colour during the excavation process. Technicians are professional in handling the Ammolite for restoration and preventing any damaged caused.

  • step 2 – Sorting

    An experienced technician would cut away the excess materials of the gemstone. Then, the gemstone will be sent to the remote mine site to the cutting facility placed in Calgary, Canada.

  • step 3 – cutting, polishing & Protecting

    The supplier has mastered specialised cutting techniques to enhance the durability of Ammolite based on years of research and development. By using professional technical equipment, gemstones are designed to be brighter and more colourful layers. After fixed with a crystal cover, it becomes hardness 8.0.

  • step 4 – Grading & Setting

    Well trained quality controllers then grade the completed Ammolite based on brilliance and variation of colour carefully. Each Ammolite is individually handset to best display its beauty.